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  • Water consumption myths

    According to the Water Management Society, they say that: It is a myth that eight glasses of water per day is essential to good health. The source of this myth was the 1945 recommendation by the US National Research Council (NRC) that adults should consume 1 ml of water for each calorie of food. This works out as 2.5 litres per day for men and 2 litres for women. At the time the NRC pointed out that this includes the …

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  • Water samples for your water testing sent by post

    If you would like water samples testing in our accredited laboratory in Birmingham and you do not want to pay for us to collect, you can always post your samples to us. We will do the rest. There is no charge for sample bottles. Our charges depend on what you want testing, eg: – Ordinary bateriological – Legionella – Pseudomonas – Copper/lead Please contact us via the website, or telephone/email us for further information.

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  • Attention! Legionella alert!! Doctors Surgeries, Dentists Surgeries, Vetinary Surgeries . . . .

    Do you have your water systems tested at least annually? If not you should! Please give us a ring and we can advise. Don’t forget – Legionella is on the march!

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