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      WHY IS IT NECESSARY? Most potable water pipework is made from copper with brass fittings. Freshly installed pipework probably looks clean but is probably not sterile, for a number of reasons. There could be grease and graphite from the extrusion process and bacteria could have got in.   WHAT DO YOU DO? Flushing new pipework is not always adequate so sterilisation with the appropriate chemical will kill bacteria and also loosen dirt, grease etc. A building with a water …

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    HARD WATER: Contains calcium and magnesium based minerals. With soap – can form scum. Leaves scale deposits. Lather formation is not good and forms scum. Hardness removal for clothes washing – use a detergent or washing soda…….. MORE PROBLEMS WITH HARD WATER – SOME SERIOUS! Due to scaling up of water heaters, heat transfer is affected so water heaters become less effective eg ¬†kettles take longer to boil and central heating systems do not work as well as they should. …

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