There is an amazing variety of equipment available for water treatment purposes.

Some of the most popular items are listed below:

  • Water Softeners
    many different variations available – domestic and industrial.  Once installed, they give very little trouble.  They can save a lot of money in the long run by reducing soap usage and preventing scaling up of water heaters.
  • Automatic dosing
    where treatment chemicals have to be added regularly to systems such as cooling towers etc.  Their method of operation and control can be based upon various parameters such as pH, TDS., flow rate and timers.  Automatic systems are usually designed and built for a specific application and they usually involve one or more small dosing pumps.
  • Pumps
    many and varied types and uses:

    • submersible pumps are invaluable when cleaning tanks.
    • dosing pumps as above.
  • Ultra-violet irradiation units used in water systems to kill bacteria.
  • Filters again, many and varied types and usage:
    • activated carbon filters are very useful for removing additives from potable water, chlorine and other materials that produce taste or odour problems.
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