Legionnaires Disease and Holidays

Legionnaires Disease and holidays

~  and how to avoid it when you go on your holidays.


Legionnaires Disease is a dangerous disease and should not be underestimated, especially when going away to sunnier climes.


When you go on holiday to a warmer country, try to ensure that you do not bring back Legionnaires Disease as a souvenir !


Here are two useful tips to remember when you get to your room on arrival:-


1.  Run each of the taps and showers for about two minutes.


Legionella lurks under scale and is responsible for Legionnaires Disease.  If the showerhead has scale there is no way you can remove it without the appropriate chemical.


2.  Try not to get too near the air outlet from the air conditioning as this could harbour the Legionalla bacterium.


Legionella can be contracted by the inhalation of contaminated water droplets from showers and air conditioning.  This is the ‘sneeze’ effect which can cause Legionnaires Disease.


Have a nice holiday !



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water taps and showers can cause Legionnaires Disease


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