Legionnaires disease and water temperatures

Legionnaires disease and water temperatures

Legionnaires disease‘ !  You will probably see these words, groan and delete.

Please don’t because the following is very important.

The legionella bacteria are still out there lurking in your showerheads.  They are also lurking in hot water storage vessels where the water is not hot enough.  This enables the legionella bacteria to establish themselves.  The legionella bacteria are very hard to get rid of once they have gained a “toehold”.


The average bacterium is finished off at temperatures of over 45 degrees centigrade.  Not so the legionella bug!  Research has shown that it can exist at 55 degrees, which is why it is recommended that stored hot water should be kept at 60 degrees.


My message for the month is:

Please ensure that your stored hot water is hot enough to avoid the legionella bacteria developing and the possible development of Legionnaires Disease.  Your clients, your employees and your businesses do not want Legionnaires Disease.


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Legionnaires disease and water temperatures  Waterchemist Ltd keeps your water safe

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