Bad news:  This is to let you know that there is a serious outbreak of Legionnaires Disease in Portugal.

We often have localised outbreaks in the UK but this is a major outbreak happening NOW where the World Health Organisation (WHO) spokesman has said that this outbreak constitutes “a major public health emergency”.

Currently there are 7 dead and approximately 300 infected, many seriously.

Please ensure that if you have premises where others use your water system that you are following the correct procedures for prevention of legionella.  These are:

–  Keep hot stored water hot – (above 60 degrees Centigrade).

–  Keep cold water cold – (Roof tanks should be lagged).

–  No dead legs.

–  Unused taps are flushed regularly.

–  Water temperatures are taken and recorded.

–  Shower heads are disinfected/descaled regularly.

–  For peace of mind a legionella test annually – (or preferably half-yearly) is a good idea.

–  It is now a legal requirement that premises with water systems must have a Legionella Risk Assessment.  We can do this.


If you do nothing you could be putting you, your business and your clients at risk.

Also, you could be in danger of being prosecuted for ‘duty of care’.


If you need more advice contact me personally by phone, email or via the contact page on this website.

David Edwards B.Sc Hons, MWMS

Waterchemist Ltd

Trading for 25 years.


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