WARNING to everyone in the Midlands who uses one of these!

Showers have been in use for many years, usually without a problem. As mentioned in my recent blogs, Legionella is on the march and unfortunately it is being contracted from showers with incorrectly administered showerhead maintenance (or often none at all!)

With the increasing popularity of Jacuzzis (so named because they were originally devised by Mr Jacuzzi – a Californian), there is now a great potential for the Legionella bacterium to get the surroundings it needs to flourish. Unless you like immersion in cold water, the baths usually operate in the 37/40ÂșC range which is a temperature liked by Legionella. There is also the potential for an atomised spray (like a sneeze) from the air bubbles, which is how Legionnaire’s disease is spread.

If you have a Jacuzzi (or Spa Bath) it is essential that it is treated all the time with two biocides. The bath itself is usually fitted with an OZONISER which constantly releases ozone (which is a bactericide) into the water. You also need another biocide which is easy to install. Slow release chlorine or bromine tablets are ideal. They are not expensive and could save your life! The reason for two biocides is simple. Bacteria can gain immunity to one biocide, but not two, if both are present.

Waterchemist can advise on this. We have been operating in the Midlands, Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Shropshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire areas for over twenty years. MD David Edwards has a B Sc (Hons) in Industrial Chemistry and is well aware of the risks of Legionnaire’s Disease. Many years ago he did contract the disease himself (and survived!) from a cooling tower which was not properly looked after.

Not long ago a visitor to a garden centre, which sold spa baths, caught Legionnaire’s disease and died. All he did was to pass by a spa bath, which was working, and look at it. It had no chemical treatment at all.

So, beware of legionella and Legionnaire’s disease. It can be fatal.

It must not be thought that it is all bad news. Used correctly spa baths can be very beneficial to health particularly for people with arthritis problems and people with less than perfect blood circulation. On a cold frosty day sitting in a warm bath of water with bubbles is very enjoyable!

Call me for advice.
David Edwards at Waterchemist Ltd

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