• Water Fountains and Legionnaires Disease

    Is it time to stop worrying about Legionnaires Disease? – No! Consider the small Spanish town of Mananares, south of Madrid.  It would appear that 235 people have been affected there by Legionnaires Disease.  3 have died and 10 are still in hospital. The local fountain is implicated. Legionella bacteria like warm water temperatures and Spain has warm temperatures. We do not generally have a problem with outdoor fountains in this country because the weather is cooler than in Spain …

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  • Try our new Showerhead Cleaner and Descaler Gel in the fight against Legionella

    Many of our customers use our showerhead cleaner and descaler liquid and have done so for some time.  This works well and they keep ordering more, which is a good sign. We recently chlorinated a twenty year old accommodation block with two hundred rooms and noticed that there was a lot of scale on the taps.  We were asked to descale and sanitise the taps because bacteria, eg Legionella, can hide under the scale and multiply. Our liquid showerhead cleaner was not …

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    Water chlorination : FAO Plumbing and Heating Engineers etc If you have a job that needs a water chlorination, who do you use?  Someone who has done a half-day course on water chlorination?  Or a qualified Company who has been in the business for many years? The answer is obvious – and confirmed by an incident in which we were involved recently. We were asked to do a water chlorination which had already been ‘chlorinated’ by another company but the results had failed.  We …

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