Legionella Risk Assessments

  • Are you taking Legionella seriously?

    Are YOU taking Legionella seriously? Are you taking the right precautions? Have you had a Legionella Risk Assessment to ascertain your risk? Do you know what you should be doing? If not – call us! At Waterchemist we find that people still don’t take the risk of Legionnaire’s Disease seriously. In fact for many businesses a Legionella Risk Assessment is a legal requirement. This is a disease that could still be fatal, as the following article from the BBC’s website …

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  • Have you got biofilms?

    What are biofilms?   Biofilms are layers of usually, harmless bacteria found inside water pipes and on water tank sides. Sometimes, you can touch the inside wall of a tank and it feels “slippery”.¬† This is due to the presence of biofilms. Biofilms¬†do not usually cause a problem but they can act as a nutrient for other bacteria, for example, legionella. If biofilms are found in a tank, they can be removed by chlorination which we can organise for you. …

    Posted at March 17, 2016 | By : | Categories : Blog
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