• Try our new Showerhead Cleaner and Descaler Gel in the fight against Legionella

    Many of our customers use our showerhead cleaner and descaler liquid and have done so for some time.  This works well and they keep ordering more, which is a good sign. We recently chlorinated a twenty year old accommodation block with two hundred rooms and noticed that there was a lot of scale on the taps.  We were asked to descale and sanitise the taps because bacteria, eg Legionella, can hide under the scale and multiply. Our liquid showerhead cleaner was not …

    Posted at October 12, 2015 | By : | Categories : Blog
  • Legionella : It is still there!

    This week, it was reported that a Hospital Trust in Southern England had been fined a lot of money plus costs as an outbreak of Legionella had occurred.  Hospitals obviously do their best to avoid this sort of thing but it does bring it home to us all that we cannot relax our anti-Legionella tactics and precautions. Remember that any premises with water systems in place must have anti-Legionella precautions in place.  If you have just one shower, then you must …

    Posted at June 24, 2015 | By : | Categories : Blog
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