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  • Legionnaires Disease and Holidays

    Legionnaires Disease and holidays ~  and how to avoid it when you go on your holidays.   Legionnaires Disease is a dangerous disease and should not be underestimated, especially when going away to sunnier climes.   When you go on holiday to a warmer country, try to ensure that you do not bring back Legionnaires Disease as a souvenir !   Here are two useful tips to remember when you get to your room on arrival:-   1.  Run each of …

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  • Water or Beer : That is the Question

    Water or beer ?   On the subject of water ~ or the lack of it, recent studies have shown that it can be as dangerous to drive whilst dehydrated as it is to drive whilst under the influence of alcohol. Apparently your judgement can be seriously affected and this can have an adverse effect on braking, speed perception and lane drifting. This study was done at my old University, Loughborough, so it must be true! So, if you are going to drive, have …

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     Attention: Residential Homes, Dental Surgeries or anywhere where there is a water system ~ how do you prevent harmful water bacteria?   ~    Make sure hot water is stored above 60 degrees. ~    Make sure cold water tanks are kept as cool as possible. ~    Make sure your water system tanks are clean. ~    Make sure shower heads are descaled and sterilised regularly to minimise risk of Legionnaires Disease. ~    Have water samples tested by a UKAS accredited laboratory half yearly. ~    …

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    Do you know whether the water in use in your water system at your business premises is : –   Bacteria free ? –   Complies with temperature standards ? –   Yes or no !  How do you know ? –   Is anybody checking the water storage tanks for cleanliness ? –   Is anybody worried about Legionnaire’s Disease ? –   Do you have a Legionella Risk Assessment ?   If the answer to any of the above questions is “NO”  –   …

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    Water chlorination : FAO Plumbing and Heating Engineers etc If you have a job that needs a water chlorination, who do you use?  Someone who has done a half-day course on water chlorination?  Or a qualified Company who has been in the business for many years? The answer is obvious – and confirmed by an incident in which we were involved recently. We were asked to do a water chlorination which had already been ‘chlorinated’ by another company but the results had failed.  We …

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