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  • Is Pontiac fever a variety of Legionnaire’s disease

    Yes.  Pontiac fever is a variety of Legionnaire’s disease. Pontiac fever is caused by the same bacteria that causes Legionnaire’s disease. If you are an hotelier or if you run a business that has showers or a hot tub, do not get caught out with Pontiac fever. This hotelier did . . . A hotel owner in the UK was fined thousands of pounds recently for not looking after his hot tub correctly.  Many of his clients ended up with a variation of Legionnaire’s …

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  • Water Fountains and Legionnaires Disease

    Is it time to stop worrying about Legionnaires Disease? – No! Consider the small Spanish town of Mananares, south of Madrid.  It would appear that 235 people have been affected there by Legionnaires Disease.  3 have died and 10 are still in hospital. The local fountain is implicated. Legionella bacteria like warm water temperatures and Spain has warm temperatures. We do not generally have a problem with outdoor fountains in this country because the weather is cooler than in Spain …

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  • Water or Beer : That is the Question

    Water or beer ?   On the subject of water ~ or the lack of it, recent studies have shown that it can be as dangerous to drive whilst dehydrated as it is to drive whilst under the influence of alcohol. Apparently your judgement can be seriously affected and this can have an adverse effect on braking, speed perception and lane drifting. This study was done at my old University, Loughborough, so it must be true! So, if you are going to drive, have …

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  • Is your Chilled Water System ready for Winter

    Now is the time to make sure your chilled water system is ready for winter.  Sadly, winter is on its way! Now is the time to make sure your chilled water system has enough antifreeze  (MEG ~ mono ethylene glycol). If you wish, send us a small sample of the system water and we can test the level of antifreeze for you, free of charge. If more antifreeze is needed, we can then organise that for you if required, but sadly …

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  • Waterchemist : Our First Video

     Here is our first video from Waterchemist Ltd.  We hope you like it. Here is the link if you wish to view it:                   We hope that there will be more videos in the future to demonstrate the type of work that we do. Please visit us again.     David Edwards    B Sc Hons (Industrial Chemistry)  MWMSoc  PGCE Managing Director Waterchemist Ltd,  Lichfield Water testing and water treatment in buildings T.          01543 306802 …

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    Tips on how to avoid Legionnaire’s Disease! The bacterium causing Legionnaire’s Disease likes water temperatures in the range 37 degrees centigrade to 55 degrees centigrade. Ideally water in water storage tanks should be kept below 20 degrees centigrade.  This is not always possible with roof tanks so roof tanks should be well insulated. Bleach is not very effective in amounts which would kill most bacteria. The legionella bacterium which causes Legionnaire’s Disease can live under the scale on showerheads which can occur in hard …

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