Uncertain times but not for legionella!

Yes. These are uncertain times ~ but not for legionella!

What are the legionella bugs up to in these uncertain times.

We have had a Referendum!
The UK has a new Prime Minister!
Meanwhile, what are the legionella bugs doing?

It is all going on but quietly in the background.  Water bacteria, particularly Legionella Pneumophila (Legionnaires Disease), are still going about their business so water testing must continue.

Businesses that have water facilities must still have a Legionella Risk Assessment.  It is still a legal requirement.

Some things may change but the need for our type of work does not change.  There is still a need for routine water testing, tank inspections, tank cleaning and chlorination work despite these uncertain times.

We can still organise Legionella Risk Assessments.

Does anything above trigger a memory of something that needs doing in the Water Department?  If so give us a ring on 01543 306802.

Waterchemist Ltd is here.

We are not having any changes!


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