Water Bacteria Christmas Party:You are invited !

tilly jpegWater Bacteria Christmas Party : You are all invited !

This may sound like a facetious comment on this Christmas blog.  It may be, but there is a serious reason for making this comment!

Whilst you are all away enjoying yourselves over the Christmas break, your offices, premises, factory units etc are probably standing empty.  The wise ones will have left the heating on, slightly, to avoid freeze ups and the consequent disruption.

Whilst the buildings are warm, the water in the pipework will also be warm.  Any stray water bacteria trapped in the pipework will not be idle – they will be multiplying.

Most of the time these water bacteria are harmless – but not always!

After the holiday break it is a good idea to run the hot and cold taps for two minutes to clear the pipework.  When you do this, there can be a ‘musty’  smell.  This is due to the water bacteria who have ‘partied’ whilst you have partied.  They are usually harmless – but not always!

If you wanted to be 100% sure, take a water sample after flushing the taps and send it to us.  We can send you a free sterile bottle for the water sample.  The charge for a full water bacteriological test is currently £35 plus VAT.  If you are already one of our regular customers who have regular water testing throughout the year, this would be worth bearing in mind in case you would like us to do this for you after the pipework has been standing empty.

Talking of pipework, this would also be a good time to check the antifreeze level of any outside equipment that should have a specified level of antifreeze.  If you wish, you can send us a water/antifreeze sample and we will test it at the current cost of £10 plus VAT.  But, to be honest, this should have been done at least six weeks ago!  But better late than never!

I hope you find these Christmas holiday ‘water bacteria prevention tips’ useful and contact us if you need any more advice.

David Edwards

[email protected]

01543 306802





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