Water Fountains and Legionnaires Disease

Is it time to stop worrying about Legionnaires Disease? – No!

Consider the small Spanish town of Mananares, south of Madrid.  It would appear that 235 people have been affected there by

Leginonella Risk Assessments - Waterchemist Ltd Lichfield

Even water fountains can pass on Legionnaires Disease if not correctly looked after.

Legionnaires Disease.  3 have died and 10 are still in hospital.

The local fountain is implicated.

Legionella bacteria like warm water temperatures and Spain has warm temperatures.

We do not generally have a problem with outdoor fountains in this country because the weather is cooler than in Spain and subsequently, the water temperature of the fountain is cooler.

But in the UK legionella could multiply in a fountain kept in a warm temperature, such as an indoor water feature or a shallow outdoor fountain in the height of the summer.

This is the reason that legionella can be found in showers in the UK and abroad if they are not regularly treated.

Remember the golden rule, that stored warm water should be kept above 60 degrees centigrade and shower heads should be regularly descaled and sanitised to avoid Legionnaires Disease.




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