Tips on how to avoid Legionnaire’s Disease!

The bacterium causing Legionnaire’s Disease likes water temperatures in the range 37 degrees centigrade to 55 degrees centigrade.

Ideally water in water storage tanks should be kept below 20 degrees centigrade.  This is not always possible with roof tanks so roof tanks should be well insulated.

Bleach is not very effective in amounts which would kill most bacteria.

The legionella bacterium which causes Legionnaire’s Disease can live under the scale on showerheads which can occur in hard water areas.

As bleach does not get rid of scale, showerheads should be treated regularly with a combined acid/biocide.  The acid is weak but will dissolve the scale.  The biocide can then do its work to kill the Legionella bacteria.


We can supply the water treatment chemicals for the above.

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Prevent Legionnaire's Disease by avoiding scale under showerheads.

Prevent Legionnaire’s Disease by descaling showerheads.










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