The water tank with its own carpet

Yes.  A water tank with its own carpet !

Yes.  The water tank had its own carpet!!  I came across a water tank that instead of a proper cover, a carpet was placed over the tank.  Over many years the carpet had gradually slipped into the water and had dispersed.

The contaminated water was being used by students in the student accommodation.  The tank was obviously immediately condemned for the safety of the students.

Students are famous, or infamous, for not washing too much, but they were obliviously using water containing a small quantity of carpet.  Also, how much carpet had they drunk?

With water storage tanks, the tops must be close fitting and the overflow must be screened against insects.

Waterchemist Ltd always inspects the water tanks at the same time as we collect water samples for water testing and analysis.

We report the results of the water tank inspection to our client and if the water tank needs cleaning, this is a facility we offer.

It is important that water storage tanks are looked after correctly as, if not, the water in the tank can harbour unpleasant bacteria.

Does your water storage tank need cleaning?  We can tell you.

If you wish further advice on this or wish us to inspect your water tank as part of your water testing regime, please contact us.

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Managing Director
Waterchemist Ltd,  Lichfield, Staffordshire

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