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If you have a job that needs a water chlorination, who do you use?  Someone who has done a half-day course on water chlorination?  Or a qualified Company who has been in the business for many years?

The answer is obvious – and confirmed by an incident in which we were involved recently.

We were asked to do a water chlorination which had already been ‘chlorinated’ by another company but the results had failed.  We went to the site and spoke to the Site Manager who wanted know how long the job would take to chlorinate.  We told him that in order for us to do the job properly it would take about four hours to chlorinate this particular job.  The surprised manager said “The other guy did it in half an hour!”.

This could explain why the test failed!

We have been in the business for over twenty five years and our MD is a graduate Industrial Chemist.  No further comment is necessary.


Referring to the above water chlorination, if no samples had been taken, no-one would have been any the wiser that the job had not been done properly.

However, not everyone wants lab samples to be done, to keep the cost down we imagine – but water samples for analysis are not expensive.

In the above case, if no water samples had been taken, it is possible that there could have been something unpleasant in the water system which could have caused health problems for an unsuspecting person(s).

We always recommend water samples.

I can only remember one of our jobs failing, in twenty five years, so we did that water chlorination again, free of charge!

Waterchemist Ltd - for water chlorinations and more . . . .

Waterchemist Ltd – for water chlorinations and more . . . .


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